A Harper and long-time friend of Ren


A tall slender high elf, whose fine, almost aristocratic dress belies his comfort with with open and untamed areas of the Sword Coast. He carries a filigree guarded rapier on his hip, though it is unclear if this is merely an ornament or the tool of a practiced swordsman. He carries himself at times with an almost haughty air, but his eyes reflect and earnest and solemn character.


The party first came upon Aedhril on the night of the attack on Greenest as he introduced himself in the wake of the fight along with Yérënia. He informed the party that he and Ren had been studying the cultists responsible for the attack for a short while. Unfortunately, the notion that the cultists and their kobold army were following trade routes of caravans occurred to Aedhril and Ren too late.

After describing the method of the Cultists and the reason they had gone unnoticed for so long, Aedhril voiced his intent to seek his Harper allies on the coast and rally them in opposition to the cultists, bringing along a captured cultist to use as leverage for his theories. He left Ren with the party and gave her an enchanted coin, which shows his direction in relation to Ren.

Aedhril and Ren have a history of sharing secrets they learn for the betterment of their respective groups; anything else they may have shared is the subject of conjecture.


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