Athanius Theretic

A half-elf Cleric of Melora.


Athanias, sometimes referred to as Athan, is mostly mild tempered. Not afraid to speak his mind, but is more than likely to diffuse a situation as opposed to riling things up. He is not too fond of religion however he is recently finding himself forcefully open to new experiences.

Explaining something to him as an equal goes further than acting high and mighty or superior. He has somewhat of an issue with overbearing authority, as freedom his his only true currency.

He is a 5’11 green eyed devil of average build with well-manicured facial hair, although he has become a bit more rugged as of late. He has no specific love or preference for any race and will treat the good races equally.

He comes from a decent sized family, but is close with none of them, so while he does well in group settings, he is hesitant to let anyone get too close. Those that do befriend him though are probably bonded for life.


In his formative years he was the youngest of several children. Athanias’ parents were quite strict and religious which turned him of from the whole idea.
He eventually would forsake and ties to his parents religion at a young age and was seen as an outsider in his own foggy lakeside community. Ironically enough he would then go to work for the local church that his parents attended
as a janitor and care taker. He was not too fond of the priest that ran the church but, he was very interested in the priest’s blatant disinterest for his vocation. The only person in the village that treated him like a living creature was
a kind village girl, Leyana.

He eventually was pushed out of his employment, leading him to travel not too distant cities and areas as a vagabond allowing him to pick up social skills. With a distaste for the church he was able to forego the guilt of using common people’s
delusion of religion against them and would often trick people into believe he himself was a ranking member of “some” church convincing folk to donate to the only cause he cared about. Himself.

After honing his craft he came back to his home town to rub in the face of the townspeople his new found “piety”. During his stay there he realized the something in the town had gone terribly wrong. People were sick and were in need of
of desperate healing. Athanias spoke to the Priest as he filled him in on the issue
all the while the Priest having much embarrassment that he couldn’t stop whatever sickness had introduced unto the town.

The victims of the sickness gradually became feral and began to attack villagers. Ashamed and afraid the Priest ran to the docks of lake for solace and escape but, when confronted by Athanias time froze and two figures appeared.
Both figures revealed themselves to be deities one of which mistakenly bestowed powers upon Athanias.

Donning a disguise Athanias then want on to cure the townsfolk of thier ailment and was soon going to cure Leyana as well when told that Leyana had left some time ago searching for Athanias. Perplexed he said his goodbyes ot the people and warned
the Priest to not practice his preaching any longer in fear of once again bringing horrors to the town.

Athanias would then move on once again wondering with new found power only to be reluctantly given vision of a town called Greenest that might need his help. A very ironic turn of events for a non believer.

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Athanius Theretic

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