Kilran Tumitis, "The Entertainer"

A silver-tongued Human Bard.


A charismatic and often inflammatory performer, Kilran has spent most of his lifetime travelling across Faerun practicing the ancient art of the bard. He tells stories, sings songs, and performs dances, but his favorite form of entertainment comes in the form of telling jokes. This has often led to him being accused of being “nothing more than a trumped-up jester”. Said accusers usually end up face-down in the mud outside the tavern, finding that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Kilran Tumitis.

While he doesn’t appear at first glance to be a warrior of any sort, those who have drawn steel against him find that he can pull a dagger from his sleeve or a hand crossbow from his belt faster than an elf can blink. And when you’re as sticky-fingered as Kilran is, being accosted becomes a bit of a regular occurrence. More often than not he’s long gone from the tavern by the time his witless victims discover the theft, but even a bard has his off days.

Little is known of KIlran’s true origin. He has re-told the story a hundred times to a thousand different people. Sometimes he grew up a poor orphan on the streets of Waterdeep. Other times he’s the long-lost heir to a forgotten kingdom, hoping to one day assume the mantle of leadership. Escaped convict from Damara, undercover Harper agent from Chondalwood, a farm boy from Amn, a trader from Calimport…the list goes on.

The only thing anyone is sure of about Kilran’s past is that he’s clearly hiding something. What that is, remains unknown, and he intends to keep it that way…

Kilran Tumitis, "The Entertainer"

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