Lydia Swift

A brave and resourceful mother of three from Greenest.


A human woman of average height with tanned skin and rough hands, evidence of her long days spent farming outside of Greenest. Her hair is the color of straw, and is often pulled back in a hasty ponytail.

During the attack on Greenest, she lost her left hand at the wrist to an enemy’s blade.


The party first met Lydia on the streets of Greenest during an attack by the Cult of the Dragon. She was leading her family through the streets, and proved to be quite skilled wielding a spear. After joining the party in their effort to reach the keep, she helped battle several cultists along the way, one of whom was a particularly vicious man wearing a stylized draconic half-mask. With one powerful swing of his scimitar, he sliced through Lydia’s make-shift buckler and removed her hand at the wrist.

The party eventually defeated the man, and with their aid, Lydia and her family were able to make it to the keep, where Lydia was last seen being nursed back to health by her husband, Cuth. Cuth swore to the group that he would repay them somehow in the future.

Lydia Swift

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