Mirren Swifthammer

Blacksmith of Greenest, and Wife of Escobert the Red


A stout female dwarf, with flaming red hair. She keeps her beard shaved, after several “minor incidents” of it catching fire while working at the forge, though she likes to brag that if she wanted to, she could grow one to put Escobert’s to shame.


Mirren is a no-nonsense Shield Dwarf who serves as the blacksmith for the town of Greenest. Although the majority of her work consists of repairing horseshoes and farming equipment, she’s also forged the weapons and armor used by the town’s militia.

Known for having a temper to rival her husband Escobert’s, Mirren has proven time and again that she is no stranger to battle, wielding a hammer she lovingly refers to as Anvilbreaker. Most of the townsfolk of Greenest have heard the tale of how it came to earn it’s name a dozen times or more, and though most don’t believe it, none have ever expressed such doubts to Mirren herself.

The night after Greenest was raided by cultists, Mirren agreed to join the party in their quest to track down the raiders.

Mirren Swifthammer

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