Taurgosz "Tenhammer"

Leader of the Blacktalon Mercenaries.


Standing at over 7 feet tall and weighing almost 400 pounds, it is often rumored that Taurgosz has giant blood in his veins. He leads the Blacktalon Mercenaries with an iron fist, but those closest to him know that he has his moments of kindness.

He wields a maul so massive in size that when challenged in battle, he is known to lay it on the ground, giving his opponent a chance to pick it up and use it against him. No one has yet met that challenge.

Though he leads a group of mercenaries, Taurgosz is a fiercely honorable man who prides himself on never breaking a contract. This honor has of course been questioned by those who see the Blacktalons as nothing more than organized thugs. Of course, those who question Taurgosz’s honor don’t usually live long enough to ever question it again.

He was recently involved with a battle between the Heroes of Greenest and the Cult of the Dragon in the Sunset Mountains. The group forged a contract with an offensively low payment for the Blacktalons and presented it to Taurgosz, feigning ignorance at how angry it would make him. In reality, they knew all along, and his outrage is what led to the tumultuous battle. During that fight, Taurgosz lost a full half of his fighting force, and was quite seriously wounded himself, but he managed to make it to safety along with the adventurers thanks to a hasty retreat.

After the battle, Taurgosz deduced that the contract was a forgery, but admitted that the deception saved his life, having learned during the ensuing argument with the Cult that they had planned to kill the Blacktalons that very night. Though it would be an overstatement to call them allies, Taurgosz did agree to coordinate with the Heroes when making his counter-attack against the cultists.

Taurgosz "Tenhammer"

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