Zephyrian Ragetalon

A grim-faced Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut.


Zephyrian is 6’6" tall and weighs 272 lbs. He has dark orange scales tinted with hues of gold, emerald green eyes, and deadly sharp black claws.

Whereas Zephyrian is quick to anger and slow to forgive, his younger brother Varrick has always been his antithesis in these regards.


Zephyrian is a newly-anointed Paladin of Bahamut, having spent the majority of his adult years serving as a sellsword in the Vilhon Mercenary Corps. His younger brother Varrick had originally enrolled with Zephyrian in the Corps, and in just a few short months the two had earned the moniker of “the Crimson Guardians”, thanks to the wake of fire and blood they left behind them on the battlefield. Despite his prowess on the battlefield however, Varrick felt ill-suited for the life of a mercenary, growing to believe that one should kill only to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and even then, only when absolutely necessary. He left the Corps to return home to serve as an acolyte at a temple of Bahamut under the guidance of Xannan Furos, a mentor and father figure to both of the Ragetalon boys.

Zephyrian would serve for 6 more years with the Vilhon Mercenary Corps, earning the rank of Sergeant and leading an elite strike force that took on the Corps’ most dangerous contracts. He recently left the Corps after an operation he was leading ended in disaster, with Zephyrian being the only one left alive. Unable to bear the guilt he felt, he returned home to the Sword Coast to live with his brother, who had by now risen to the rank of Paladin. He spent the next year working alongside his brother in the temple, completely throwing himself into his tasks. He repaired the temple’s oft-leaking roof, kept the main chamber of worship meticulously clean, and negotiated (often harshly) for the supplies necessary to keep their pantry stocked. Varrick was impressed by his brother’s dedication, although Zephyrian’s efforts were less driven by devotion than they were by the need to do anything to keep his mind off of the horrible memories he tried so hard to forget…

Growing Up
As children, Zephyrian and Varrick had traveled with their parents all the way from their homeland in Tymanther to the Sword Coast. Their father Zanril had always been an entrepreneurial Dragonborn, and he convinced their mother Krisella that they could make a much better life for their family in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

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Zephyrian Ragetalon

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