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Within these pages lie all of the information which you have gathered on your adventures. People you’ve met, enemies you’ve slain, locations you’ve visited, important items you’ve discovered, and other such knowledge is all documented here. As such, consider it a living document that will be updated as your adventures continue!

Important Locations
The Factions
Timeline of Major Events

We will be using the Dale Reckoning calendar, so here’s a quick bit of lore about it. A witch named Augathra the Mad wrote a list of the names of the years from -422 DR to what will be 1600 DR based on visions she received. These visions eventually drove her insane.

  • 1483 DR, Year of the Tasked Weasel, Ches 19: Representatives from each of the five major factions meet in Silverymoon and form the Grand Alliance, with a stated purpose of bringing “Peace, order, and prosperity to the Sword Coast”.
  • 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons, Ches 19: At the decennial meeting of the Grand Alliance, leaders of each faction storm out over a disagreement concerning their priorities for the future, with the Zhentarim and the Lords’ Alliance favoring the wealthier elite, and the Harpers and Emerald Enclave arguing for increased aid to the common folk. The Order of the Gauntlet attempted to bring the rest to a compromise, but ultimately failed to do so.
  • 1493 DR, Mirtul 13: The town of Greenest comes under attack by a mysterious force of hooded figures, supplemented by kobolds and a fully-grown blue dragon. A group of caravan guards fight their way to the town’s keep where they begin devising a plan to take back the town.


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