Freya Mondath

High-ranking Cobalt Claw in the Cult of the Dragon


A human woman of medium build with short-cropped black hair and a crooked nose that looks to have been broken once or twice.


Not much is known by the party about Mondath. She was first seen by the adventurers during the attack on Greenest, appearing as some kind of superior officer. It wasn’t until days later at the Cult’s hidden camp in the Sunset Mountains that they learned she was in fact one of the highest ranking members of the Cobalt Claw sect of the Cult of the Dragon.

While infiltrating the Cult’s camp, the party overheard someone refer to Mondath as a Dragonsoul, a rank symbolized by her extravagant purple robes. The only other person who the group has heard of that outranks her is Rezmir the Black, a half-dragon rumored to be even more powerful than Cyanwrath.

She was last seen by the party during the battle in the Cult’s hidden camp, during which she used a powerful magical spell to wound and momentarily stun Taurgosz “Tenhammer”, leader of the Blacktalons. Following this magical display, she retreated to a cave at the back of the valley, leaving the cultists and kobolds to kill the remaining Blacktalons.

Freya Mondath

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