Thief, Mercenary, Husband, and Father of three.


A tall dusky-skinned human of medium build, around 5’10". He has dark brown eyes, black shoulder length hair, and sports a well-trimmed beard. Other distinguishing features include several earrings, and a tattoo of the Blacktalon sigil on his right hand.


His full name is Shath’rul yn Asraf el Kazram, but he tells his friends to just call him Shath. The son of a renowned cobbler in Calimport, Shath found that while he did inherit his father’s strong hands and nimble fingers, he shared none of his passion for the art of cobbling.

After his father passed away, the shop passed to Shath. Often taking weeks to complete even the simplest of jobs, his father’s reputation was the only thing that kept customers coming to Shath for his services, but that reputation could only last for so long. Soon enough, the customers stopped coming altogether, and Shath was forced to sell the shop to help feed his family. With a wife, twins, and another child on the way, Shath turned to a less savory profession to help take care of them: burgling.

Unlike the awkward way that Shath had always handled his father’s cobbling tools, he found that his fingers were quite nimble when it came to a good set of lockpicks. He was also quite adept at climbing across the rooftops of Calimport, a skill he had needed sneaking out of the shop so many times as a youth. He began stealing high-priced items from wealthy citizens and fencing them in the local black market. His crimes soon caught the attention of one of the famed Thieves’ Guilds of Calimport, who “recruited” him into their ranks. Of course, by recruited, that meant he either joined them or would be turned over to the guards to have his hands removed. It was an easy decision for Shath.

Shath was eventually able to earn enough gold to purchase his family a modest home in one of the safer wards. He worked his ways up the ranks of the Guild, earning the trust and respect of the Guild leader, Pasha Faruk. One day he was called into the Pasha’s private chambers, where he was told that he’d be going on an important mission for the Guild. Rumor had it that some sort of cult was gathering a massive hoard of treasure along the Sword Coast, and Faruk wanted Shath to find it. Promised that his family would be taken care of for the rest of his life if he completed the task, Shath agreed to accept the mission. He spent the next week with his family, savoring the time as best he could, before departing north to begin his mission.

A few months later, he had joined up with the Blacktalons, a mercenary group that was recently hired by the cult to assist in their raids. Everything was going according to plan, until of course he ran into a certain group of adventurers while on guard duty…


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